Porcelain Fused into Metal (PFM) crowns were used in the 1950s for tooth restorations. It was a huge success until the arrival of zirconia crowns in the 21st  century. The Zirconia crown price is pitched above the PFM ones citing the cost of manufacturing materials, finish and seating. The zirconia crowns are expensive as well as three times stronger than the PFMs. So quality protection is delivered with the use of zirconia crowns.

Yet, it depends on the choices put forth by the dentist to choose from. The choice must match with your budget and tooth specifications. It is ideal to limit zirconia crowns for permanent teeth alone. Whereas, temporary teeth can make use of the white crowns or stainless steel crowns (SSC). PFMs are also prominently used on permanent teeth rather than the deciduous baby tooth. Now for ample information on both the tooth crowns read the following.

Zirconia Crown for Strength and PFM for Dental Bridge

The Zirconia crown cost per tooth ranges from $1000-$2500. It also varies from one supplier to another based on brands. Its availability has added unparalleled strength to the dental restorations. The client can be assured of lasting protection that goes beyond any other tooth crown. Being stronger than PFMs, these are the ultimate protection against wear and tear.

But, the cost of a zirconia dental crown should never be the assurance to use it in all circumstances. There are situations where the PFM crowns are preferred. Such as the dental bridge preparation for multiple decay sites and seating of crowns after treatment. It can support extra attachments but zirconia has not achieved this property yet. PFMs cost $1000-$1500 supporting adjacent crowns better than the zirconia crowns. Zirconia crowns rarely scaffold attachments.

Materials Matter

Zirconia crowns are manufactured from solid, high translucent and layered versions of Zirconia. This is in contrast with PFM crown due to its metallic substructure, which at times is visible even after encasing it in layers of porcelain. Zirconia crowns are able to give more aesthetic smiles than PFM over time, as eventually the latter might reveal the metallic substructure when the gums recede. Even though both are biocompatible, the opposite tooth wears off with these crowns. Unfortunately, the PFM crowns get discoloured over time unlike the full coverage granted by Zirconia crowns.

Zirconia dental crown is known for its absolute strength compared to PFM. PFM crowns are ideal for dental bridges. For impressive and effective life-like tooth restorations, both these crowns have the ball in their court. Though it becomes inevitable to support the tooth structure with crowns after pulp therapy or cavity treatment, dental fillings are not lasting in nature.


Zirconia tooth crowns are sturdy crowns that last for a lifetime. The PFM is an aesthetic crown best suited for dental bridges. PFM is more suitable for anterior teeth, while Zirconia crowns can be a saviour for both anterior and posterior teeth. Zirconia as a dental grade ceramic or material has an excellent  impression of tooth aesthetics made out of zirconia or zirconium oxide. Citing its use to meet with the apt tooth structure, these are biocompatible option competing with the PFM crowns.

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