Try a Pink Lemonade Lipstick for a Tangy and Vibrant Appearance

If red lipsticks make you look glamorous and sexy, pink lipsticks bring out a more vibrant and elegant side of yours.  lipstick shades can give you a fresher and more flushed look. Shades of pink are having quite a moment, whether it is glossy neon pink or a more subtle nude tone. Celebrities are flaunting them on the red carpet, at movie screenings, and at their BFF lunches. 

Wonder why everyone is rocking a pink pout? If you pick the right shade of pink for your skin tone, you can look younger and fresher. Most pink shades, including the pink lemonade lipsticks suit all skin tones. 

Let’s discuss various pink lipsticks that can complement different skin tones.

  • Pick your pink

Different pink lip shades have different undertones – just like our skin’s undertones. Here’s how you can pick the best shades based on your skin color and undertone: 

  • Fair and light skin color and undertones: People with fair skin usually have a cool undertone. For cool undertones, softer pink shades work the best. If you are looking for a pink lip shade that you can wear daily at work, you should try cool nude pink shades.

    They enhance the color of your lips, making them look naturally graceful. In addition, such shades will add softness to your lips without making them look overdone.
  • If you have fair or light skin color with a warm undertone, peach-colored lipsticks with yellow undertones will suit you the best. 
  • Heading out to a date night and want to add a flirty shade to your look? 

Have fun with colors. We recommend adding a bold pink lippy with your cool undertones to look more fashionable and attractive. The key is not to overdo your appearance.

Olive and medium skin color and undertones

You should consider yourself extremely lucky if you have a dusky, medium, or olive skin tone. Most looks work well with your skin tone, and you can experiment with colors. People who fall into this category generally have neutral or warm undertones. These kinds of undertones let you carry most lip colors effortlessly! 

Even if your undertones dwell on the cooler side, don’t stress about pink lip shades and matching them with your undertone. Be it orange-toned pink lipsticks like the Pink Lemonade Lipstick or vibrant, blue-toned pink lipsticks by Mamaearth, neutral skin tones can slay them all.

The best pink colors for those with dusky and olive skin tones are the ones with a hint of brown or caramel and blue. For an everyday soft pink look, you can go with warm undertones with deeper pinks having bluish and purplish undertones. This will make your lips stand out. Again, the key to a better application and appearance is not to overdo them. 

Dark and deep skin color and undertones 

If you fall into the spectrum of darker and brown skin tones, you should not shy away from flaunting those bold and vibrant shades of pink. With that bronzed brown skin tone, you can beautifully contrast statement colors like hot Pink Tulip or Cherry Punch– and it will be a match made in heaven!

You can opt for delicately toned warm pink shades for your everyday wear. But if you want to stand out at parties and events for some glam at night, you can go with deep berry shades that will look distinctively radiant for nighttime looks and can be the perfect showstopper!

If such vibrant and bold shades are not your thing, you can choose a more subtle, mauve-hued lipstick. It will give the right color without making big contrasts against your complexion.

A tangy and vibrant look

Irrespective of your skin color and undertone, there is a lipstick that can be ‘the one’ for you- Mamaearth’s Pink Lemonade Lipstick. This Moisture Matte Long Stay Pink Lemonade Lipstick is the perfect pink lipstick enriched with natural ingredients like Vitamin E and Avocado Oil to give your lips an 8-hour moisture lock. 

Did you know? This safe and toxin-free lipstick has both matte and moisture. Its natural ingredients ensure that your lips won’t turn dry. It thus also offers a few skincare benefits while adding a pink pop of color to your look.

The lipstick is Made Safe-certified, which means it has no harmful toxins or chemicals that can damage the delicate skin of your lips. This lemonade lipstick can be your BFF at day events and also for date nights too. It’s refreshing, just like lemonade.

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Top it up with pink

Whether you enjoy those hot and neon pink shades or more subtle, mellowed-down tones, there is always a pink shade that matches your undertone and skin color. And that isn’t all, you can also play around with various textures like velvet, matte, satin, glossy, creme, and more. So find a lipstick that suits your style and nourishes your lips.

The right pink lipstick can add the much-needed vibrance when you’re off to brunch with your girlfriends, a date night with your special someone, or slaying those work meetings! 

The lemonade lipstick from Mamaearth’s range of Long Stay Moisture Matte Lipsticks is the right pick for all these occasions. To top it all, it nourishes your lips and contains no toxins. The addition of no harmful chemicals and toxins makes Mamaearth’s Ultra Light Indian Sunscreen the best sunscreen for dry skin in India.

Get your shade of lemonade pink today!

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