Mental Health: Definition, Causes, and Common Disorders

The ability to cope with daily life challenges like stress, work, or learning new things depends on a healthy mental state. Mental health allows unlimited learning and well-being in society, and people live peacefully in a community. Proper mental health is the pivotal point of the general wellness of an individual, then the larger society. It is a fundamental human right that enables personal and communal relations that fuel socio-economic growth. 

Causes of Mental Health Disorders

Mental health is underpinned by emotional, social, and psychological well-being. Although different people display varying characters due to individual mental state, several factors can influence it. If you need legal advice for any causes below, find a professional with a psychologist license defense. Some causes of mental health disorders can be a result of the following. 

  • Childhood abuse or neglect leads to trauma.
  • Loneliness or isolation in society.
  • Discrimination (racism) causes stigma.
  • Social disadvantages like poverty or heavy debts.
  • Loss of a loved one.
  • Severe stress
  • Suffering from a long-term health condition that limits your abilities.
  • Loss of a job causes a poor quality of life.
  • Deplorable living conditions or homelessness.
  • Caring for a needy individual for a long time.
  • Drug or alcohol abuse. 
  • Violence: domestic violence or bullying of a child or adult.
  • Significant trauma from military combat, a bad accident, or a violent crime.
  • Physical injury to the head or other conditions like neurological disorder leading to a change of behavior or mood. 

Although the list above outlines the most common causes of mental health, other factors like lifestyle, work, or lack of sleep can also influence mental health. So in this situation go to the specialist or contact the consultant like Mygotodoc

The Determinants of Mental Health 

Throughout life, social and structural factors can protect or undermine mental health. Psychological, biological, or genetic factors can make individuals vulnerable to mental health issues leading to a continuum. 

Further, exposure to unfavorable social, environmental, economic, or geopolitical circumstances can also heighten the risk of mental health disorders. Some of these conditions include;

  • Poverty
  • Violence
  • Inequality

Life is risky, and they occur in different stages where some can be sensitive, like in early childhood, damaging one’s life. For instance, harsh parenting techniques can undermine a child’s mental health. 

Protective factors also happen throughout life, and they can sharpen resilience. They include;

  • Positive social relations, 
  • Quality education
  • Good paying jobs
  • A safe neighborhood and community cohesion

Mental health risks and protective factors can occur on different scales, affecting individuals and the community. 

Common Mental Health Disorders  

Mental health disorders affect the mind, body, and relationships. They include conditions that bring stress or depression and change an individual’s life. Some of these conditions happen in isolation or due to non-communicable diseases like diabetes and cancer. Here’s a list of some diseases that affect the brain. 

  • Depression – This is a state of mind where the victim experiences depression and displays it through various moods like sadness, irritation, or self-loathing. The condition can range from mild to severe and interfere with how one relates to others in society. Depression is more prevalent in women than men, especially after birth in developed countries and during pregnancy in developing countries. 
  • Dementia – Memory loss is a common condition that can affect you as you age. It is a degenerative condition that affects the brain and alters various cognitive abilities like emotions, behavior, and cognition. Although there are different types of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease is the most common.


General body health is vital to any individual, but chronic conditions increase the chances of mental disorders. Moreover, an individual’s mental health can change from good to bad if influenced by different factors surrounding them. Excessive pressure on a person to perform or achieve unrealistic goals can push them to mental health disorders. 

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