How Men Can Support Their Partners Before, During, and After Abortion

It’s not an easy decision to decide to have an abortion, no matter how sure your partner seems when they tell you. As their partner, it’s important that you are there for them throughout the process. Pressuring her one way or another is a sure-fire way to cause a rift between you and can have lifelong consequences for everyone. 

If you want to support your partner through the process, then use these tips: 

Support You Can Offer Before the Abortion 

The best thing that you can do is to be supportive. Being supportive of her having an abortion can mean encouraging her to go, ideally as early as possible. It could mean reading up on abortions from trusted sources like,

and it could mean driving her to and from the clinic and providing emotional support throughout. She may decide to change her mind in the process, she may not. That decision is up to her, it’s up to you to be there throughout the process. 

Support You Can Offer During the Abortion 

The best thing that you can do for your partner during their abortion is to stay on site. This means that they’ll immediately be able to return to you after the procedure for comfort. It’s also a good idea to either drive or arrange a taxi to take the both of you home. 

Just knowing that someone is there, waiting, can be a huge comfort. 

Support You Can Offer After the Abortion 

Where your help will really come into play is in the aftermath. Not only are abortions hard on the body, they are very hard emotionally – even for women who never for one second doubted their decision. The ways you can help here will boil down to practical ways and supportive ways: 

Practical Support Tips

A few practical ways you can support your partner after their abortion include: 

  • Care for her physical symptoms
  • Offer to run errands and handle her portion of the household chores
  • Take her to any follow-up appointments
  • Do something special for her to show her she’s loved and appreciated. 

Emotionally Support Tips

The first 17 weeks of pregnancy cause the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone to skyrocket, which means most abortions will cause a massive crash and, for many, mood changes. There’s also the risk of post-abortion syndrome symptoms, which can include intense feelings of guilt, PTSD, and similar. 

Even if your girlfriend isn’t being impacted by these conditions, it’s still hard emotionally to have an abortion. The best thing that you can do is just be there for her. Be ready if she wants to talk, if she needs space, if she wants cuddles, and so on.

Keep in mind she, or both of you, may not have any negative reactions at all. This is also perfectly normal, and nothing to feel bad about. Sometimes the emotional support you offer needs to address the guilt at not feeling guilty. Anything she is feeling is valid, and validating those emotions can be the best thing you can do.

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