Emax veneers

E-max veneer is one of the new-generation treatments used in dental aesthetic applications. It is the newest member of the porcelain family, and its durability has increased by firing glass ceramics without metal. The name “E-Max” means “Maximum Empress.” It is made of lithium disilicate glass-ceramic, known for its beauty and exceptional strength even when thinly sliced. The glass ceramic’s transparency and light diffusion qualities are expertly adjusted to replicate the structure of your natural tooth. Hence, the restoration is unnoticeable.

Benefits of Emax veneers

Emax veneers provide amazing cosmetic results that give your teeth the translucent sheen and natural luster of a healthy smile. They are adaptable and more flexible, requiring the tooth to be covered being trimmed. Emax veneers can be used to cover an overlap or space between teeth and restore a tooth’s color and shape.No more painful clips, or hiding your smile. Find the Best Dentist in Dubai, as They offer the patient a pleasing, undetectable result when smiling due to their aesthetic appearance, similar to a natural tooth. These veneers integrate very well into the gums, covering the top of the veneers and eventually resuming their natural position after a few days.

Are Emax veneers for me?

Adults with misshaped, crooked, or misaligned teeth and those with chipped, stained, or inconsistent gaps between teeth may consider eMax veneers to improve their smile. We will assess your bite, tooth structure, and facial features on your first visit to determine whether eMax veneers are a good option for you. After creating unique eMax veneers for your teeth, we’ll let you “test your new smile” and see how it turns out before the veneers are placed. We will only finalize the procedure when we both agree it’s best for you.

You now have the option to alter the color, size, or shape of your teeth to transform your smile. If your teeth are not uniformly stained, we may apply many layers of veneers on the teeth that are badly stained to give them a consistent appearance.

The design for your eMax veneers will be forwarded to our in-house laboratory after you are satisfied with your new smile. In 1-2 weeks, you will return to our office so the veneers may be attached to your teeth with dental resin cement. 

How long do Emax veneers last?

Emax veneers, regarded as the strongest on the market, often last at least 15 years with good dental hygiene. That includes daily brushing and flossing. However, some patients ask that their veneers be changed for aesthetic reasons. You should be prepared for that commitment.

Emax Veneer Vs. other Veneers

Emax Veneers have a higher adhesion rate than other veneer materials used in cosmetic dentistry. A well-polished E-max veneer has nearly little plaque accumulation compared to other veneers, making it one of the best periodontal options. Fluid absorption is likewise relatively low compared to other veneers.

How Much Do Emax Veneers Cost?

Emax Veneers are costlier than metal-assisted alternatives. But it makes up for this expense with its resemblance to natural teeth’ long-term ease of usage. This dental treatment shields against potential long-term dental and gingival problems.

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