It is advised not to leave the afflicted tooth unattended after treatment. Dental crowns are the protectors of such cases. Look at the best options you have to get your tooth restored- Emax and Zirconia crowns. Various brands supply a variety of dental crown materials, amongst them are Emax and Zirconia crowns. Both are long lasting options to consider. Lithium disilicate is the raw material used to manufacture the Emax crowns. Whereas zirconium dioxide is used to manufacture the zirconia crowns. Their appearance, function and cost differs in this respect. The duo mentioned is not available in metal fused versions. Their novel invention has led to increased dental recommendations to restore tooth structures effectively.

Emax crowns 

Just like the appearance of zirconia crowns, the translucence of  Emax crowns displays itself to complement the colour of your natural tooth. Its translucence is a bit more than the zirconia crowns. Each crown is designed meticulously for suiting the tooth shape, size and such specifications of the patient. These crowns cost $1200-$2800 per crown. Durability, pleasing appearance and toughness are its main advantages. From a single block of Lithium disilicated ceramic, each crown is trimmed.  Due to the absence of metal in Emax crowns, there is no issue with the receding gum line. The Zirconia crown cost $1000 (per crown) is comparatively lower than Emax crowns yet, dental bridges and treatment procedures can add up in case of both to vary in that scale. Emax might fracture depending on the force induced on them, but not before 10-15 years.

Zirconia Crowns 

This category of crowns are biocompatible. Meaning it is not reactive to the patient’s body. Zirconia crowns cost about $1000-$2500 per crown depending upon manufacturing brands, customizations and so on. The material is practically indestructible and lasts for a lifetime. The Zirconia dental crown is popular due to its close likeliness to that of the real tooth unlike the precious metals, alloy crowns that remain cheap and easy to seat till date for the anterior tooth. It offers a sturdy material that protects especially the anterior teeth. These Zirconia tooth crowns can be the alternative to Emax crowns due to their sheer strength.

The visible difference lies in their scale of translucence and material in the making. Both of them are strong contenders to consider while fixing missing teeth or constructing dental bridges. Similarly the cost of zirconia dental crown shoots up with the number of crowns required to restore the jawline to its healthy shape. Zirconia ceramic crown is made up of zirconium oxide which is stronger than porcelain and does not harm the opposite tooth like the latter. Layered zirconia crowns are indeed tooth-like replacements. Endo treatments can be problematic in case of these crowns because of their hard structure. Also bonding these crowns is another issue.


Every year there is advancement in case of dental crowns and treatment techniques. Improvisations aim at the comfort and immediate solution to the tooth based problems. Not only do the surface level crowns but implants as well, have made it easier to live your life to the fullest, smiles backed by the ever improving crowns of zirconia and Emax.

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