CSGO Gambling Affiliate Programs: A Guide to Earning Money From Referrals and Commissions

By signing up with the best affiliate programs, you set yourself up for success and avoid challenges down the road. That said, this guide will evaluate and point you toward companies that offer the best deals. 

Here is a list of CSGO gambling affiliate programs: 

Lucky Block

Lucky Block is a reputable online gambling platform with a license from Curacao. It offers highly rewarding affiliate marketing opportunities. Partners earn 40% of Net Gaming Revenue through Lucky Block affiliates. Your earnings depend on how much profit the company makes from the players you refer. Moreover, you will continue to earn payouts as long as your referrals continue to play with Lucky Block.

Commission Kings  

Here, affiliates can earn a commission between 10% and 45%, depending on the commission king’s net referral revenue. Your monthly earnings are derived from the total wagers by your customers, less winnings paid out. One drawback is that you must endure a negative carryover when your referrals are not profitable to the casino within a given month.


webPartners is an excellent fit if you are looking for simplicity and profitability since it provides account updates around the clock. This program rewards players with commission rates ranging from 25%. One important thing to note is that if your commission for a month falls in the negative, the cost will be carried over to the next month’s earnings. 

The good news is as a new affiliate. You can earn at the special rate of 50% for your first month. If you are looking for reputable CSGO gambling sites to multiply your earnings through this program, click here.


Here is how the RevMakers fare in terms of compensation: the lowest commission rate is 20% which you will earn if you make referrals of $1 to 9,999 for the casino. You will earn 35% if you can surpass $25,000.


BitStarz has no negative carryover, and the free registration only takes a minute. It offers a profitable commission model hence outshining plenty of casino affiliate programs. You will earn up to 40% on casino revenue; if your revenue is negative, it will be leveled off.

Ace Revenue 

Ace Revenue provides custom revenue models for you to earn affiliate commission. The simplest model is the one based on Net profits from your referrals. Partners can also earn by referring other affiliates to Ace Revenue. Ace Revenue has no carryover system, so worrying about heavy net losses is somewhat out of the picture.


Gamesys platform is user-friendly and gives access to consistent reports enabling you to know how your referrals are doing. It awards up to 45% commission to affiliates continuously converting at least 40 first-time depositors. But if you get 5 depositors or less, your commission will only be 25%. The agency does not have a negative carryover policy.

Fortune Jack

Partnering with this gaming platform holds a high return potential. While other casino affiliate programs pay up to 50% commission, Fortune Jack offers 70%. Since it is a crypto gaming platform, your payment will be in BTC. However, the website will reset your earnings to zero every time you acquire a negative revenue on your account.

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