Common Causes of Hip and Knee Injuries

Pain is one of the biggest concerns for people of different ages. Injuries to your knee and hip joints are highly painful; tendons and ligaments near the joints may also cause problems. So, what are the main causes of knee and hip injuries and conditions? 

Causes of hip injuries and problems

  • Hip arthritis or osteoarthritis – This is a degenerative type of arthritis that affects the hip joint. The condition causes intense hip pain because of the breakdown of the connective substances in your joints. Most commonly, people above 60 years old experience hip arthritis. 
  • Hip bursitis – The inflamed condition of bursae (fluid-filled sacs) is known as hip bursitis. The sacs give protection to your bone and prevent wear and tear. After infection or injury, the fluid-filled sacs have an inflammation. You will experience bursitis due to this condition.
  • Hip dislocations – When the thigh bone’s head comes out of the hip bone’s socket, it leads to traumatic hip dislocation.
  • Hip instability – If your hip becomes seriously injured, it will lead to instability in the hip joints.
  • Hip fracture – This is another common hip condition causing breakage of your hip bones.
  • Hip dysplasia Next, we come across another condition mainly for women whose acetabulum is very shallow and cannot sustain the femoral head.
  • Hip strains – In this case, ligaments near the hip joints have an adverse effect, and you will feel the pain. When you do some strenuous physical activities or workouts, you experience discomfort. 

You can contact Dr. David Slattery to diagnose your hip condition and start an effective treatment plan. Age, smoking, vision issues, overweight, balance problems, and other factors increase the risk of hip injuries. You should inform your doctor and cooperate with them during diagnosis.

What are the causes of knee pain and injuries?

Like the hip joints, knee joint injuries are caused by different factors. If someone has directly blown your knee, it can cause acute injuries. However, in most cases, abnormal bending or stretching of knees can result in acute injuries.

Overuse is another cause of knee injuries to several people. If your knees need to bear pressure for a prolonged period, you will have knee injuries. Biking, skiing, and jogging are common activities causing overuse knee issues. Your knee bones may have inflammation due to this condition. 

Some other physical conditions are responsible for knee pain and injuries. 

  • Gout, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and other autoimmune conditions result in knee swelling and pain.
  • Osteoarthritis has affected many people, and it causes the bones to wear down slowly. You will experience a degradation of the knee joint health over time. 
  • Osgood-Schlatter disorder can lead to a painful lump adjacent to the kneecap. Both teens and adolescents experience it during puberty.

You can schedule appointments with a specialist to identify the cause of the knee problems and have the best treatment. A highly experienced and qualified doctor will tell you the way to prevent hip and knee conditions. With proper medications, you can alleviate both knee and hip pains.

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