2 Serious Health Problems That Can Affect Senior Citizens


As people age and enter the later stages of life, it is a fact that health problems can become more prevalent. These can range from common issues such as increased feelings of fatigue to more serious problems that can become chronic in nature if not properly treated and managed. 

In fact, serious health problems can develop over time for a range of reasons. Older people may become more sedentary in their lifestyle, and this can lead to lower bone density (through less movement and exercise). Lower bone density can increase the risk of mobility problems developing and can mean that slips or falls result in more serious injuries being sustained, such as fractures. In this article, two other serious health problems that can affect senior citizens will be explored with information on how they can be managed or treated.


It is estimated that around fifty-five million elderly people worldwide suffer from dementia, and there are ten million new cases of the condition diagnosed every year. Dementia is a syndrome that results in the gradual decline of a person’s cognitive functioning. It can begin with signs of memory problems, such as forgetting the names of relatives or misplacing common household items such as keys on a regular basis. 

When it becomes severe, it can pose a danger to an older person’s daily life. For example, if a senior citizen forgets that they have put food in the oven to cook, there may be a risk of a fire developing. In advanced cases of dementia, a person may also forget where they are and may have problems getting home after going shopping. When dementia starts to pose a risk to an older person’s daily life, they may benefit from moving to an assisted living facility that has staff on site who can help them with their daily routines. Search for assisted living near you to find such establishments if you are concerned that an elderly relative is suffering from memory issues that are posing a danger to their everyday living.

Heart disease

Heart disease is the term for a range of chronic conditions in the cardiovascular system that can affect the elderly more often than the young. Heart disease can lead to problems with the valves in the heart, the heart muscles themselves, and problems with the blood vessels that supply the heart. As a rule, these conditions need to be identified early to reduce the likelihood of them developing into life-threatening conditions such as heart attacks. For older people, one of the best preventative methods to reduce the risk of developing heart disease is to undertake regular gentle exercise routines that strengthen the cardiovascular system. In addition, habits such as smoking should be stopped to reduce the risk of developing this condition.

To sum up 

Dementia and heart disease are two serious health conditions that can be common as a person enters the later stages of life. For both conditions, it is important to recognize the signs and symptoms early, either through noticing behavior or getting medical tests to identify the conditions. Early identification can help to put in suitable management or treatment plans that minimize any negative impacts on the lives of older people with these conditions.

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